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Day of Freedom

What is a

Day of Freedom?

The retreat is a full day of being immersed in the presence and ministry of the Holy Spirit. You will be served by people who are gifted in sharing and showing the love of Christ. Our Day of Freedom is for Christian’s who have had trouble addressing the stronghold that seems to be holding them back. Many people struggle with issues and do not realize a spirit is harassing them.

In a session we provide a safe environment for trained team members to pray and allow the Holy Spirit to show them if anything is in operation, which could be harassing, holding you back, or not allowing you to see the enemies tactics clearly. Deliverance is no different from healing. We are simply going after what Jesus paid for you on the cross, total wholeness.

After the session you will have a Heart 2 Heart Inner Healing time where you can discuss and ask questions the Holy Spirit is showing you. Inner Healing is all about reconnecting you with hearing the Lord for yourself. You will learn several tools to help keep you on your journey to wholeness.

We will have lunch, worship and a discussion time as a group to answer any other questions.  Our Q & A time is a great time to learn and grow. Usually we break several times during the day and during the teaching sessions. We do provide a seekers manual for you to take notes in and refer back to. According to our time we enjoy having our team bless you with prophetic words. It is a complete day of ministry designed to help you with your journey with the Lord and aligning you to discover what He has hidden for you not from you.


$225.00 per person


7:30 am to 5:00 pm


Forward Church – Sharpsburg, GA